Mutual Benefits to Collecting Rents Online

21 May

collecting rental payments onlineToday, we live in the fast-paced world of changing technology.  For most renters, the only check they write each month is to pay their rent. Property managers can entice renters to their properties by leveraging cutting-edge technology to automate the payment process for renters each month, while at the same time simplifying daily office operations. It’s a mutual win-win.

Forgetting to make a payment or mail a check becomes a thing of the past and renters do not always need access to a computer to utilize these types of services. With built-in convenience functions, accepting payments online can allow property managers to know if a payment was made or not. In the event that a payment was not made, an electronic notification can be sent to the renters and they can make alternative arrangements to pay. Continue reading

How to Make a Small Space Look Bigger

19 May

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space copy

“Small rooms or dwellings discipline the mind, large ones weaken it.”
– Lenoardo da Vinci

1. Declutter If you don’t have a space or place for something do you really need it? Have you used it in the past year? Does it have sentimental meaning? If your answers are no for these questions, then you probably can throw it out. Really think about what you need and try to declutter to make your space seem more spacious.
(Via My bungalow)

2. Less is more – when it comes to small spaces, less is definitely more. Pic a few statement pieces and decorate your room around that.
wood-floors-and-coffee-table(Via censational girl)

3. High & wide curtains Large windows make a room look bigger. Even if you have small windows there are ways to make then look bigger. Make the curtains higher than the windows and wide.
d655e9a702a7469e02181feb47b378a4(Via With…

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RentBureau® Rental History Reports Included on All Experian Credit Reports

14 May

rental history reportCIC, the nation’s most trusted supplier of information solutions for the multifamily housing industry, provides Experian RentBureau® data at no additional cost to clients receiving Experian® credit reports. Providing property managers with the most comprehensive reports, CIC helps mitigate undesirable rental risks.

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Are You Missing Out On New Leases?

12 May


Originally published March 9, 2015

Republished with permission from Mr. John Wilhoit, Jr. To view the original article, please visit the Multifamily Insight Blog.

Are you missing out on new leases?

Many people believe that property management is an old-line business that moves slowly.  If you believe that then your team is already half a mile behind in a one mile race.  In other words; you are toast because the competition is using all the best practices at their disposal to make sure they close every new prospect that steps on their property.

If your on-site team is “under-trained” consider revising your procedures to get quality marketing in motion in real-time.  In other words, implement best practices with the end goal in mind; closing more (lease) sales.  Following are three areas to implement improvements. Continue reading

Online Rental Application Benefits: Increased Efficiency and Risk Reduction

8 May

In today’s competitive rental market, property managers always need to be one step ahead of the competition. Processes must become increasingly efficient, heightened risks must be addressed and reduced. The right online application solution is a great way to achieve both results – affordably.

online rental applications Continue reading

Stop the Amended California AB396

1 May

Prohibits Rental Owners from running criminal checks in the initial screening and forces those that find a criminal record to hold the unit vacant for a minimum of 14 days.

Stop California AB396

On April 30, 2015, California State Assembly amended AB 396 (authored by Assembly Member Jones-Sawyer); Rental housing discrimination: applications: criminal records.  While the new language technically ‘allows for’ the reporting and use of criminal records in the resident screening and selection process, it creates a situation wherein landlords and property managers who do so will face a number of additional steps, including the creation of a two-step screening process and the setting aside of their rental unit for 14 days or longer for a denied application based on criminal records. Continue reading


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