Proposed Ban on Credit Scores in New Jersey Bill S1585

28 Jul

A Significant Impact to Affordable Rental Housing

By: Ryan Green

proposed ban on credit scoresThe state of New Jersey has introduced a bill that would significantly impact affordable housing across the state.  Senate, No. 1585 is seeking to establish guidelines for creditworthiness determinations concerning government subsidized housing programs.  The new restriction is intended to aide applicants who have poor credit history so their chances of receiving government assistance are improved.

Any algorithm that factors FICO and other risk models into the final decision would be prohibited.  The language contained in the proposed bill is ambiguous enough that it appears that more than just the standard FICO score would be affected.  Companies who rely upon a standardized model to assist their leasing agents in making objective decisions would be required to modify their criteria, or remove it all together. Continue reading

Boost Your Rental Occupancy by Attracting Millennials

23 Jul

by: Becky Bower
attract millennialsStraight out of college and with a few more months under my lease, I was excited to go out into the world and find my own place. After talking two of my college girlfriends into renting a place together, my new roommates and I sought out what every graduate wants, freedom; the freedom to watch Netflix all night without my parents cutting off the WiFi, the freedom to make healthier lunch choices than top ramen, and the freedom to put on my business attire, get a job, and tell myself that I was officially an adult. Admittedly, I was a little ahead of myself. Renting a home with my roommates would be a lot more challenging than I expected. Continue reading

Employee Marijuana Use: Companies Still Have a Say

21 Jul

By: Ryan Green


PotleafLast year Colorado made national headlines for adopting a statewide policy allowing sales of marijuana to the general public without a medical necessity.  In June  2015, Colorado made headlines again setting precedence for employers who don’t condone employees having THC, the primary chemical found marijuana, in their system.

The Colorado Supreme Court ruled in favor of an employer who had terminated an employee based on medical marijuana use during non-business hours.  The case took into account both the state’s legal standing on the drug as well as the plaintiff’s medical requirements and still sided in favor of the employer.  Continue reading

Summer Care Tips for your Residents

16 Jul
by Ryan Green
originally posted 9/6/12

summer tips for residentsWe are reaching the peak of Summer and with this season comes all of the activities associated with it. Swimming, tanning, barbequing, and heat stroke are all of what can accompany this time of year. The last one, however, is what I want to focus on today. Often time’s people don’t want to stop and think about properly taking care of themselves, but what threats can this pose to their health and by proxy – your liability for caring for residents on your property? Continue reading

CIC Expands the Nation’s Largest Proprietary Eviction Database

14 Jul

Property Management Companies, SaaS Providers, Independent Owners and Consumer Reporting Agencies can see improved eviction reporting.

nationwide unlawful detainers

CIC, the nation’s leading provider of nationwide eviction coverage to the multifamily housing industry is pleased to announce expansions to their database for property management companies, software companies, data resellers and independent owners. With three decades of industry-leading experience, CIC’s data quality is second to none and with the recently expanded coverage, clients easily prevent consequences of failing to identify high-risk applicants.

CIC provides the most comprehensive nationwide eviction coverage, and in the last few months have extracted additional county records within the states of: Continue reading

Unlocking the Secrets of Rental Property Maintenance Success

9 Jul

rental property maintenance successJust about every renter has a story of a time they experienced a maintenance fiasco. The problem with this, is that the consequences of failing to resolve a problem in a timely manner and lack of communication with residents can prove to be more costly for landlords than just making the repairs – your reputation can lose credibility and you may even lose tenants.

I recently interviewed a previous renter about when she and her husband, Chris, moved into their first rental together. They had an experience that required maintenance to repair their home which ultimately drove them to avoid renewing their lease at all costs. The garbage disposal in their townhome backed up, which also prevented the dishwasher from working. Rather than an open dialogue and a prompt resolution, the situation dragged on for weeks. Continue reading


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