In the multifamily housing industry, the advantages of having online rental applications and forms are massive. Rather than depending on the accessibility of paper applications (which oftentimes get lost or forgotten by applicants), online rental applications give you the freedom to work outside of the leasing office and attract applicants wherever you may be. While a large part of the rental housing world has already shifted to online applications, it’s important to insure that your applications are equipped with e-signature tools. Without it, you significantly cut down on the benefits of online applications.

The Benefits to E-Signature Leasing

With E-Signature tools, you enhance online rental applications with:

  • Complete Online Integration

Online rental applications without e-signature capabilities will still need to be printed out, signed, and sent to your leasing office. Rental applications that are simply downloadable .pdf files are not fully autonomous online. With a complete set of E-signature tools, your applicants should be able to complete, sign, and submit rental applications, tenant screening authorizations, leases and lease renewals.

  • Faster Leasing Process

With the entire leasing process on the web, you should be able to access pending applications and leases on computers, tablets, or mobile devices, cutting down on in-person processing.

  • Heightened Security

As with your online applications, using e-signatures can help certify your applicant’s identity. Unlike with physical documents, the ink on e-signatures cannot be rubbed off. Just make sure you and your application provider have data security measures in place.

  • Easy-to-Follow Paper Trail

Rather than deciphering handwriting, having online signatures makes it easier to keep a running paper trail on office operations.


Ready2Apply’s Enhanced E-Signature Tools

To ensure you get the full advantages of online rental applications, Ready2Apply has been enhanced to include additional e-signature tools! Ready2Apply is an online rental application that enables applicants to upload paystubs, fill out your leases, and digitally sign forms. The solution is modeled to look like your website, with customizable options available, and will collect your application fees directly online. With resident screening from CIC™ seamlessly integrated, you can get your rental applicants to complete the leasing process immediately.

To take advantage of the new tools, current Ready2Apply users can click on the “Households” tab and click on your specified property (or “Household”). On this page, you can view information about applicants and residents, set up and review lease agreements, and find a log activity of their account. You can also make account changes or add an adult, minor, guarantor, pet or vehicle to their account information.

In the “Leases” tab within your household, you can generate, view, e-sign, and make a copy of the lease agreement. Once the lease is generated, you can then send an invite for an e-signature (by clicking the “Invite” button), or mark the lease as signed. The “Sign Now” button allows for an applicant to sign in (if they’re at the leasing office) and complete the e-signature.

To insure you get the full benefits of having an online leasing process, make sure your online rental application, or property management software, is equipped with e-signature tools. For more information on Ready2Apply, go to


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  1. This is good info. I am in the process on determining which e-signature program would best integrate with the property management software that my employer uses. I will be checking out Ready2Apply in addition to those I’ve already checked out. My bigger dilemma, though, has been trying to help find a new background screening agency that performs in-depth criminal background searches and eviction/property collection reports and at the same time offers reasonable turn-around times. Currently we wait 2-5 days for the full background results, which is a big disadvantage for us. On the other hand our eviction rate is lower that average, but still, it would be nice to have faster response times.

    1. Hi Elia – A great part of Ready2Apply is it comes with built-in tenant screening as well. Part of the report includes a nationwide criminal history (state, federal, sex offenders, terrorism and more) with instant results. County level criminal research is available as well, but does require up to 48 hours for results, depending on the jurisdiction our records researchers have to request the information from. You are welcome to contact one of our representatives if you are interested in setting up a demo to see how it all works:

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