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Do You Have an I.T. Disaster Recovery Plan?

When it comes to protecting your business from disasters, the first thing that comes to mind is natural disasters. Maybe it’s the overload of end-of-the-world movies or 5th grade emergency preparedness programs, but when creating a disaster recovery plan, technological catastrophes are often overlooked. Meanwhile the actions we take in our everyday lives revolve around multiple forms of technology, often unprotected and susceptible to criminal activity. Safeguarding yourself from technological threats and planning out how you’ll recover from one is imperative.

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protect rental communities this halloween

Three Halloween Tips for Property Managers

As you’ve walked around your community, you might have noticed the October spirit in the air. One of your residents has pumpkins outside their door, another has decked out their patio with spooky ghosts and goblins, and the seasonal pumpkin-flavoring has taken over everyone’s fridges. Halloween is on the way. Settle into the festive spirit by deepening your relationship with your community and following these few tips for a fun and safe Halloween.

Create a Safe Halloween Environment for Residents

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fill vacancies with perfect renters

Keep a High NOI with Perfect Tenants

Everyone dreams of the perfect tenant; the type of tenants who pay their rent on time, don’t cause any damages, follow even the smallest of rules, and end up staying in your property for years. They’re the type of tenants that look at your property and instantly feel like its home. It’s that HGTV happy ending that we all crave with keeps our net operating income high.

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tenant screening rental application

Online Rental Applications at No Cost Coming Soon to ApplyConnect

UPDATE: Click Here The read about the NOW AVAILABLE online rental application from ApplyConnect!

ApplyConnect isn’t going to stop doling out the updates yet, and this next one is going to be a big one! Very soon ApplyConnect landlords and real estate agents will be able to incorporate the online rental application to their prospective tenants’ background check invitation, and best of all it is free to ApplyConnect users.

no cost tenant screeningThe free rental application itself has all the fundamental elements in a sleek online form. This even includes convenient spaces for the applicant to explain rental factors, from previous hardships to the breed of their furry friends.

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CIC announces new Resident Screening Blog with a Contest for New Followers

CIC’s Resident Screening Blog, the multifamily housing industry’s best source for tenant screening knowledge, property management tips including legislative changes, and employment related topics, is excited to announce its re-launch.  Featuring a beautifully improved layout design will help readers reach quality information faster.

The new look is tailored to fit the busy property manager and rental owner. With an intuitive interface, Resident Screening Blog is fully responsive to your device, automatically resizing to fit your phone, tablet, computer, or any other device. Not only is it adaptable to size, but the new update features a polished sliding header, highlighting valuable topics for property managers.

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facts about eviction records

Myths and Facts about Eviction Records

Evictions are an occupational hazard. To say the least, the word is cringe-worthy alone. Despite that sentiment, on the other hand, eviction records are notoriously useful.

Previously we myth busted criminal records and now we’re doing the same thing with eviction records. Test your knowledge by reading below and see if you can spot something new. You might be surprised.

eviction records don't use SSNMYTH: A SSN is needed to find eviction records.

Fact: CIC matches on name and the defendant’s address.  When a landlord files an unlawful detainer the SSN is rarely included, thus that is not used directly.

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rental applicants submitting fake paystubs

Are Applicants Giving You Fraudulent Paystubs?

Creating fraudulent documents has become easier as technology has improved. With just a computer, printer, scanner and Photoshop software, fabricating fake paystubs can be done at home. Even online paystub services like and generate paystubs based on the information put in by the user for an inexpensive fee.

rental applicant fake paystubsWhile these services might seem like a good idea to applicants who are independent contractors, business owners, students and entrepreneurs (where providing income information for rental and credit applications is very difficult), those outside services are extremely relaxed on their requirements for accuracy. Paystub companies depend on the honesty of the person buying the income document and, while honest applicants do exist, no 3rd party verification is conducted.

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