facts about criminal records

Myths and Facts about Criminal Records

You’ve gotten your potential tenant’s background check and stop mid-way to look it over. As you quickly glance at the clock in the corner of your desktop, you figure you can push lunch-time back just a few more minutes to get this taken care of. You absentmindedly gulp down your lukewarm coffee as your eyes skim the remainder of the report, mentally weighing whether to approve or deny this applicant. But as you see the criminal hits, you immediately question this applicant. If this has happened to you, you’re not the only one.

While criminal records may seem pretty straight-forward, there are a lot of common myths. From questions about “how far back can I check?”, “does this cover every jurisdiction?” to “should I automatically deny someone with a felony?” test your knowledge.  Here are some common myths about criminal records.

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good rental reviews

Managing Your Online Reputation

Reviews can Make or Break Your Business

With the digital age and the vast amount of online shopping options, many consumers rely on the aid of reviews. However, this doesn’t end with the consumer’s Amazon shopping cart, the reliance on reviews stretches out to the rental market. By using websites like Apartmentratings.com and Yelp!, potential renters are able to view honest opinions from current and previous tenants. Even apartment finding sites and social media pages like Apartments.com and Facebook allow your tenants to post reviews, and in turn decide to rent based on what they find.

Before you start fretting, remembering the potential purchases you’ve abandoned because of bad reviews, know that you can turn this to your advantage. With these tips, you’ll be able to enhance your reputation online and bring potential renters straight to your leasing office in no time.

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properly destroy documents

How to Properly (and Legally) Destroy Documents

With the recent news that the Chinese government has breached the data of possibly 4 million federal employees, as well as the overwhelming amount of cyber-attacks committed in the past three years, it’s obvious that protecting your online data is imperative. But what about physical documents, like applications and lease agreements?

It’s safe to assume that you probably don’t have Indiana Jones’ level of security, but it’s not a bad idea to check that your physical security measures are as solid as the giant boulder that chased Indie’.

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free utility checklist

Help a New Tenant with this Utility Checklist

Moving is difficult. There are rentals to tour and applications to be completed, boxes to pack, and furniture to transport. And when that’s all said and done, when the lease has been signed and the boxes have been moved in, exhausted renters are left to deal with the utilities. While figuring out who provides the electricity or the internet is painless when moving a few blocks away, for renters who move from one city to another or from one state to another state, this process is stressful.

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attract millennials

Boost Your Rental Occupancy by Attracting Millennials

Straight out of college and with a few more months under my lease, I was excited to go out into the world and find my own place. After talking two of my college girlfriends into renting a place together, my new roommates and I sought out what every graduate wants, freedom; the freedom to watch Netflix all night without my parents cutting off the WiFi, the freedom to make healthier lunch choices than top ramen, and the freedom to put on my business attire, get a job, and tell myself that I was officially an adult. Admittedly, I was a little ahead of myself. Renting a home with my roommates would be a lot more challenging than I expected.

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