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Insure Proper Access to Credit Data

When my kids were teenagers going out with their friends, I used to tell them, as all moms did, to “Be careful”.  But I have sons, and I quickly learned that wasn’t likely, so I changed to “Be smart”.  Well, they were teenagers, so I again had to change my thinking. The household motto became “Be safe”.

While I certainly don’t mean to imply that my boys were not intelligent (they absolutely are) as teenagers they were not always cognizant of the difference between what they could do, and what they should do. Just because you are able to ride a unicycle down the steps at the park, and just because you are careful enough to wear a helmet, does not mean that this should be done.  Reading a consumer report is not entirely different.

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Handy “Clocks Fall Back” Checklist with a Poem

The end of Daylight savings will cause all of our clocks to fall back on November 1st this year (unless you live in Arizona or Hawaii). Use this handy checklist in printable form and fun poem to remind your staff, coworkers and even your residents of the things they should take care of to prepare for this winter season.

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Denying an Applicant: What Property Managers Need to Know

In a perfect world, anytime a tenant moved out, a new and equally perfect tenant would be waiting to move in.  A brief chat would suffice as assurance that the new tenant would be ideal for the community, a handshake and keys would be exchanged.

Unfortunately, we do not live in a perfect world.

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Information About Reporting Criminal Records From NCRA’s Legal Counsel

As the nation’s most trusted provider of criminal and eviction data solutions for the multifamily housing industry, CIC wants help keep you informed of current industry affairs and developments. As such, the following is insight provided by Larry Henry, the National Consumer Reporting Association’s legal counsel.

Mr. Henry’s practice focuses on advising employers employment law matters, including issues related to the Fair Credit Reporting Act, the law governing background checks. He is nationally known for his expertise in the FCRA and employment law matters. He is admitted to the Oklahoma and Iowa Bar Associations, all Oklahoma federal district courts, Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals and the United States Supreme Court.

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Legislation Affecting the Screening of Tenants

The consumer reporting industry, despite what critics, media and the general population may believe, is a highly regulated business. Although this article should not be perceived as legal advice and is certainly not a comprehensive list of new legislation, we will do our best to highlight bills, ordinances and mandates across the U.S. that have recently come to our attention.
Legislation Resident screening Tenant Screening