You Should Be Concerned If This Is How You Collect Rent

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Although PayPal, Venmo and direct deposits are fantastic features, there are negative consequences with collecting rental income through these applications. I hope you never experience these problems, but I want to educate you on worst case scenarios. Approximately 2.7 million families face eviction each year, and collecting rent improperly can adversely affect your business.

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From Cocaine to Criminal History: New Employment Legislation is Here

From California to Indiana, new employment legislation has passed and is pending. Within the past few months San Francisco has enacted a ban on asking a job applicant what their salary history is, while it is likely that the state of Oregon will soon be reducing the penalties for the possession of drugs like heroin, cocaine and meth. Ultimately, you’re going to want to keep your eyes peeled on these new employment laws.

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Resident Gifts that’ll Make a Lasting Impression

You know firsthand that first impressions are important when a resident begins their relationship with their rental community. Move-in is already stressful, sweaty, and hectic, and one small thing off with the rental unit within the first week can create a lasting bad impression of the management company and staff. While you can certainly ‘kill them with kindness’, adding a resident gift as well ensures that you have happy residents (every time) and maintains your community’s good reputation.

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URGENT : Tenants Rights Activists are Planning Protest Throughout California on July 27th

Tomorrow, on July 27th, several tenants’ rights groups within California will be staging a statewide renters’ protest. According to the organization, Tenant’s Together, hundreds of protesters in several cities will be storming multiple property management offices, owner’s offices, and possibly associations to demand a rent freeze and urge the repeal of the Costa Hawkins act.

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