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Thanksgiving Rental Property Horror Stories

For a lot of families, Thanksgiving is time for togetherness mixed with large amounts of stress. Whether you’re in charge of cooking the turkey or are simply circumnavigating family drama, the added responsibility of managing a rental property during the holiday makes for a unique situation. Take a look at some Thanksgiving-themed rental property horror stories and breathe a sigh of relief that your rental nightmares aren’t quite this bad.

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Easily Transition your Community from Daylight Savings Time with our Checklist

With the end of Daylight savings time on Sunday, November 5th, you’ll finally be able to get some much needed rest! Aside from Arizona and Hawaii, communities across the nation will have to set their clocks back by an hour this weekend. Make sure you take advantage of our handy (printable) checklist to remind your staff, coworkers, and even your residents of the time change.

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Is DNA Testing Tenant Dog Poop in your Community Worth it?

Believe it or not, DNA testing tenant dog poop has been increasing in popularity with apartment communities around the country to deter residents from letting their pet’s mess litter their property. Tired of resident complaints, wasted landscaping time cleaning up after offenders and a decrease in curb appeal, property managers are flocking to these types of screening services…but is it really worth it?

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Encourage Residents to Take Precautions Before Disaster Strikes

Despite the substantial damages from Hurricane Harvey and Irma last month, renters across the U.S. are hesitant to pay for renters insurance. In fact, it seems like natural disasters do very little to convince renters to get insured. The Insurance Information Institute found in their poll that only 41% of renters had renters insurance in 2016 (amid raging wildfires in California and Tennessee, flooding in Louisiana, and Storm Jonas on the east coast). As a lot of residents may believe your property’s insurance will cover damages or theft, it’s all the more vital that you try to convince your renters to take precautions before disaster strikes.

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California’s Housing Immigration Bill Presented to Gov. Brown

A California housing immigration bill, AB 291, passed the senate on September 6, 2017 and is currently awaiting Governor Brown’s signature. This bill would prohibit landlords and property managers from inquiring into the immigration or citizenship status of a rental applicant or tenant, and from providing that information to law enforcement. While it is uncertain whether or not the Governor will sign this California housing immigration bill, it is extremely likely that he will. Moving forward, you should reevaluate your policies if this bill is enacted.

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How Multifamily Properties Can Better Manage a Natural Disaster

In the wake of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, multiple wildfires on the West Coast, tornadoes and the recent catastrophic earthquakes in Mexico, now would be the time to learn about you and your residents’ rights during a natural disaster. As most parts of the United States are impacted by at least one natural disaster (with some areas hit by several different kinds per year), knowing how to manage a natural disaster on each of your multifamily properties can alleviate some of the stress in the moment.

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