How the Superbowl Can Prepare Property Managers

It’s that time of year again where even the most uninterested individuals will tune in for the yelling, junk food, hilarious commercials, and all around epic events that surround the Superbowl.  What makes this game feel so much bigger than other national sports titles is that it all comes down to a singular game – one afternoon spanning the course of a couple of hours to show whether or not someone will be going home for the day with the big “W”.

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Preparing For the Inevitable with Your Property

Within the wake of numerous natural disasters over the last decade, it has become sadly obvious that a large majority of the world is not only unprepared for the worst, but remains unconcerned at the possibility of being struck by a natural disaster. Granted it is understandable most forget when natural disasters hit at random, however, as a major communal threat, it is imperative that your properties have a backup plan available. In aiming for the safety of your residents, staff, and assets, here are a few key points to consider when preparing your emergency plan:

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Is Your Screening Company Leaving You Vulnerable?

Do you remember the days when job applicants put on a nice suit, walked into a business, spoke with the manager on duty and asked if they had any positions open? After a few questions over a cup of coffee, it was decided whether the applicant and the open position were right for one another. “When can you start?” or “I’m sorry, this just isn’t a good fit.”

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3 ways to improve your application process

I have been in a discussion during the past week about how to choose a company to provide tenant screening. I was conversing with several industry professionals on the matter and while we didn’t always see eye to eye, there were absolutely some common beliefs and great recommendations on what to look for. Here are some of the hot topics we focused on for making certain you find the best option as well as reasoning for being so cautious.

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Are You on Point with HUD?

Recently, the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) released a new document elaborating on their stance with regards to housing ex-offenders. Between prisons and jails more than 7.5 Million individuals are released from incarceration back into society, the majority of which have families they are returning to. Some of these families may already be living in assisted housing which can complicate the lease agreement and put the property manager in a quandary. Based on recommendations by HUD and President Obama, here are 3 points to take into consideration when involved in providing housing for a rehabilitated citizen:

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