Resident Incentives Part 2: The Move Out

I remember the first apartment I moved into

– it was a nice community that was well kept and gated for added security. The managers in the office were very friendly; the community allowed for our dog; we had to argue with the company about having over $500 removed from the deposit due to repainting the entire unit because of a black scuff on one wall of a bedroom. Unfortunately, that last portion was also the only goodbye memory I have from that community and also something that gets shared with anyone I talk to about an apartment to rent. While not all residents will have the perfect send off, there are still small gestures you can make that will leave a positive lasting impression.

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Summer Care Tips for your Residents

We are reaching the peak of Summer and with this season comes all of the activities associated with it. Swimming, tanning, barbequing, and heat stroke are all of what can accompany this time of year. The last one, however, is what I want to focus on today. Often time’s people don’t want to stop and think about properly taking care of themselves, but what threats can this pose to their health and by proxy – your liability for caring for residents on your property?

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Creating an Objective Rental Policy

Let’s be honest, whether it is an interview for a job or meeting with an applicant for a rental it’s easier to work with someone you like than someone you don’t. In a seat of power where you are the decision maker it becomes important to outline what you are looking for so that you remain protected from showing any type of discrimination that can be used against you. In the rental process this is especially important because making decisions based on subjective information can open the door to all sorts of fair housing violations. Follow these 5 tips on creating an objective rental process and you will greatly improve the protection of you and your owner’s best interests.

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