FICO™ and VantageScore® 3.0: Your Credit Score Cheat Sheet

As a property manager, you depend on credit scores to help you make the best rental decision, but how much do you know about credit scoring models? With this guide, you’ll not only learn some of the differences between  FICO™ and VantageScore® 3.0, but how to use credit scores to uphold your rental standards and protect your community.

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Be Wary, Residents can Forge their own Credit Report

In this day and age, most Americans have become extremely critical about the type of information they receive. Whether they’re analyzing the true sugar amount of their favorite Summer-time drinks or the overwhelming number of articles coining the phrase ‘fake news’, unfortunately you can’t stop there. With a simple internet connection, your rental applicants can now forge their own credit reports.

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Credit Bureaus’ New Standards might Improve Renters’ Credit Score

With the credit bureaus’ new National Consumer Assistance Plan (NCAP) hot on our heels, it’s starting to look like these future changes could actually improve millions of U.S. credit scores. While a score boost definitely rears in the rental applicants’ favor, these new standards might be a little disconcerting for property managers and property owners where tax liens and civil judgments play an important role in the rental decision.

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3 Signs you Aren’t Getting Accurate Tenant Screening

Determining if your tenant screening provider has quality criminal and eviction data is essential if you want to maintain a standard when accepting applicants. With faulty or subpar data, you leave your community open to potential threats, which can include extensive damages, lawsuits, fines, and a loss in reputation. To discern if you need to shop for a new resident screening provider, check if your current provider is showing these 3 red flags.

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How to be a P.I. when Accepting Applicants

Property managers like you take protecting their rental communities very seriously, and investigating their future tenants is a huge part of the leasing process. While some use shady (and potentially illegal) Facebook research as well as other social media accounts to vet potential residents, ultimately, you are your own Detective Gadget, and resident screening is your primary tool. With your applicant’s background screening report in hand, you can easily look for clues of potential “red flags.”

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How to make E-Signature Leasing Possible

In the multifamily housing industry, the advantages of having online rental applications and forms are massive. Rather than depending on the accessibility of paper applications (which oftentimes get lost or forgotten by applicants), online rental applications give you the freedom to work outside of the leasing office and attract applicants wherever you may be. While a large part of the rental housing world has already shifted to online applications, it’s important to insure that your applications are equipped with e-signature tools. Without it, you significantly cut down on the benefits of online applications.

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