Top Free Rental Property Listing Sites

Whether you’re on a strict budget or not, no one wants to pay to post their vacancy listings. Before purchasing listing packages or buying one-time posts, make sure you’re promoting your vacancy on these top free rental property listing websites first. This will not only increase your exposure (and hopefully expedite the application process) but prevent any unnecessary spending.

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Find More Residents with Video Marketing

If you saw our recent Visually Attract Tenants infographic, then you already know that videos can significantly improve the quality of the leads you get. When potential applicants have access to a walk-through video of your vacancy, they are able to immediately get a sense of what your community is like. Whether you use a professional service to capture your video content or use your own camera or smartphone, you’ll get a boost in applicants and build your community’s reputation if you utilize video marketing.

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Multifamily Apartment Marketing & Leasing Choice

Why do people lease from this property and not that one? What are some of the “subjective”  factors that affect leasing choice? Multifamily demographics is a tool to measure change as it has significant influence on apartment marketing.  Think “revere engineering” for lease acquisitions and lease renewals.

Demographics is such a “data rich” topic and one that reflects there are truly no two properties exactly alike.  Think about demographics as a real-time tool to measure resident sentiment. Think about the scope of information that a potential resident considers and what makes a property of interest without relying on just numbers.

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How to Create a Pet Friendly Environment

With an upward trend of available renters choosing their pet’s needs over their own, you might want to consider making your property a little more pet friendly. The data supported by the Foundation for Interdisciplinary Research and Education Promoting Animal Welfare shows that only one-half of housing is pet-friendly, which makes this a great opportunity to get ahead of the competition.

According to the American Veterinary Medical Foundation, in 2012 there were 43 million households that owned dogs and 36 million households that owned cats, with indicators that the pet-loving trend is going up. The Los Angeles Times reported that a survey in August 2014 showed that more than 70% of apartment renters stated they owned pets. Even the City of Los Angeles stated on February 2, 2016 that they’ll start creating legislation aimed at making it easier for renters to have housing that accepts their pets.

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Marketing Your Properties through Body Language

Now that we’ve surpassed the future Doc Brown and Marty McFly laid out for us in the 1985 film, “Back to the Future”, it’s becoming apparent that we’re a lot more stuck in the Stone Age than we thought. Whether it’s showing interest in a listing or expressing boredom during a tour, your potential applicant’s body language shows it all. With this crash course on body language, you will learn how to exude the right physical ques to make your potential applicants feel right at home.

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Multifamily Apartment Marketing: The First Ten Seconds

Too often leasing teams, trained up and fired up, lose every advantage in the first ten seconds of interaction with a potential resident.

Here is a real life story.  A prospective resident walks into the leasing office. The first person they see behind a desk is reading, eating chips and has headphones on. This person never looks up.

From the office behind this person, recognizing there is someone in the office, they lean over from their chair and yelp “may I help you?”

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Are You Missing Out On New Leases?

Many people believe that property management is an old-line business that moves slowly.  If you believe that then your team is already half a mile behind in a one mile race.  In other words; you are toast because the competition is using all the best practices at their disposal to make sure they close every new prospect that steps on their property.

If your on-site team is “under-trained” consider revising your procedures to get quality marketing in motion in real-time.  In other words, implement best practices with the end goal in mind; closing more (lease) sales.  Following are three areas to implement improvements.

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