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Three Tech Security Components to Protect Your CIC Credentials

The Home Depot® confirmed September 8, that a breach occurred with its payment data systems. This is merely the latest example of data breaches that have made national news headlines. As the nation’s premier provider of property management data solutions, CIC encourages clients to take proactive measures to protect devices and their CIC credentials.

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CIC Partners with Identity Guard®, an Industry-Leading Identity Theft Protection & Recovery Service Company

CIC, the nation’s most trusted tenant screening provider, now offers Identity Guard®, a leading identity theft protection and credit monitoring service. For nearly three decades, CIC has proudly led the tenant screening industry in data security and wants to offer their customers an opportunity to sign up for Identity Guard. Identity Guard offers added security measures to monitor credit activity and public records, help protect personally identifiable information (PII) and help identity theft victims recover. 

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Exercise Caution with Internet Explorer and your Emails

Microsoft announced over the weekend a vulnerability in the Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) application that affects all versions from IE 6 to IE 11. This is how it works: Hackers set up a website that installs malware when you visit it. If you’re duped into visiting the website while using the Internet Explorer program, malware seeps into your computer and gives a stranger total control. You might not even notice.

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CIC’s Online Systems Not Vulnerable to the Heartbleed Bug

CIC’s online systems (, RentProtect and ApplyConnect) are not, and were not, affected by Heartbleed.

For the Ready2Apply Online Rental Application System, we took immediate action to ensure our servers and network appliances were patched and not vulnerable.

The security of your data and your applicants’ personal information is our top priority. CIC is actively involved with the National Association of Professional Background Screeners. Their Data Breach Subcommittee released this helpful article:

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Five Tips from the FTC on Protecting Personal Information and Preventing a Data Breach

As Americans go throughout their day, filling up gas tanks, shopping online and visiting the grocery store, a  trail of information is left behind – names, dates of birth, credit card numbers, addresses, online login names and passwords.

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Streamlining your Screening in 2013

In this advancing technological age, developers across the country are innovating greater, faster methods of providing information.  For the property management industry this translates into the creation of a vast network of information on potential applicants, equipped with the delivery of increasing speeds and accuracy.  However, the difficulty with this specific type of data is that it largely includes regulated content that is scrutinized by governing entities (to ensure the protection of the consumer’s identities and rights).

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