Easily Transition your Community from Daylight Savings Time with our Checklist

With the end of Daylight savings time on Sunday, November 5th, you’ll finally be able to get some much needed rest! Aside from Arizona and Hawaii, communities across the nation will have to set their clocks back by an hour this weekend. Make sure you take advantage of our handy (printable) checklist to remind your staff, coworkers, and even your residents of the time change.

Property Managers
checklist for fall dst

Handy “Clocks Fall Back” Checklist with a Poem

The end of Daylight savings will cause all of our clocks to fall back on November 1st this year (unless you live in Arizona or Hawaii). Use this handy checklist in printable form and fun poem to remind your staff, coworkers and even your residents of the things they should take care of to prepare for this winter season.

Property Managers