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Phase Two of the National Consumer Assistance Plan is Now in Effect

Phase Two of the credit bureau’s National Consumer Assistance Plan (NCAP) is now in effect! Experian®, Equifax®, and TransUnion® have been slowly rolling out the implementation of these standards in phases, with full implementation expected by March 2018, in the hopes to improve the quality of their public record data. Because of this, industries that depend on credit reports will see a significant change and the multifamily housing industry will need to be prepared.

NCAP’s Phase Two

While it is likely that the bureaus have already implemented parts of these new requirements prior to the effective date, according to TransUnion®’s data reporting initiatives, credit reports will have the following changes:

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Easily Check if Your Vendors and Clients are Credible

Insuring that your new business partners, vendors, and clients are trustworthy and reliable is a huge priority. You don’t want your business to be vulnerable to threats.  Just as you perform background screening on potential employees, why not do the same to businesses as well? By running an Experian® Business credit report online, you’ll find out who are trustworthy, sidestepping risks to your business and reputation.

What is an Experian® Business Credit Report?

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Rental Payment History Helps Pre-Qualify Applicants!

If you’ve ever wished you could see your applicants’ rental payment history without having to verbally verify with their illusive rental contact, then you’re not alone. Experian® RentBureau®’s report, RentReveal, allows you to see move in and out dates on previous addresses, the applicant’s payment history with those properties, and a numerical tenant rating. RentReveal gives you an advantage, further helping you to make those tough rental decisions.  CIC tenant screening services include the RentReveal at no additional cost when coupled with an Experian® credit report.

What Exactly is in a RentReveal Report?

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Renters & Credit Trends Part 1: Credit Check-in

Anyone who has ever rented an apartment knows that a credit score is one of the most important qualifiers property managers use when making a decision to offer a lease to a prospect.

While renting and credit have always had a connection during the lease approval process, it wasn’t until paid-as-agreed rental payment history data was added to credit reports that renters could build their credit history after a move-in by paying their rent on time.

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