Background Checks on Prospective Employees: Keep Required Disclosures Simple

If your company gets background information on prospective employees, it’s likely you’re covered by the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Before you get a background screening report, the law requires that you make certain disclosures and get a prospective employee’s authorization. Is it time for a FCRA compliance check?

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how to deny rental applicants

Denying an Applicant: What Property Managers Need to Know

In a perfect world, anytime a tenant moved out, a new and equally perfect tenant would be waiting to move in.  A brief chat would suffice as assurance that the new tenant would be ideal for the community, a handshake and keys would be exchanged.

Unfortunately, we do not live in a perfect world.

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Be cautious of ID thieves

Fighting ID Theft – ID Theft Schemes have Become More Complex

With regular media attention detailing the latest elaborate schemes of identity thieves, most Americans are familiar with the threat and need to stay protected. Suspicious emails – just delete them. Choose strong passwords and change them regularly. These practices are becoming increasingly well known to stay safe from routine, run-of-the-mill schemes. However, because of this thieves are creating more elaborate plans that go beyond the scope of what is on your radar.

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Information About Reporting Criminal Records From NCRA’s Legal Counsel

As the nation’s most trusted provider of criminal and eviction data solutions for the multifamily housing industry, CIC wants help keep you informed of current industry affairs and developments. As such, the following is insight provided by Larry Henry, the National Consumer Reporting Association’s legal counsel.

Mr. Henry’s practice focuses on advising employers employment law matters, including issues related to the Fair Credit Reporting Act, the law governing background checks. He is nationally known for his expertise in the FCRA and employment law matters. He is admitted to the Oklahoma and Iowa Bar Associations, all Oklahoma federal district courts, Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals and the United States Supreme Court.

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Using Information from Data Brokers? Beware the FCRA and the FTC …

As sellers and Internet service providers gather increasing amounts of consumer information, the data broker industry has expanded. Identifying themselves as “market research” firms, data brokers buy, analyze, sort, aggregate, and resell public and non-public information and analytics about consumers to companies that use the data to target their marketing efforts.

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Background Checks: What Employers Need to Know

When someone mentions the FTC, the EEOC, and the FCRA in the same sentence, it may sound like a ladle of alphabet soup.  What’s really being served up is a new joint publication by the Federal Trade Commission and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission that talks about how the Fair Credit Reporting Act and the mandate to comply with anti-discrimination laws intersect when employers use background checks in personnel decisions.

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