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Legislative Update: 15 Multifamily Bills to Keep an Eye on

As you might be hustling to get summer property maintenance done or preparing to attend the NAA Conference, state legislatures have been just as busy. With promising and threatening bills coming out of California, Arizona, Washington, and Oregon, make sure to take a moment to read over these recently passed and pending legislative bills.


All About California’s New Housing Immigration Bill, AB 291

A California bill that would prohibit landlords and property managers from inquiring into the immigration or citizenship status of a rental applicant or tenant was proposed early February. Introduced by David Chiu (D-San Franciso), Rob Bonta (D-Oakland), Gonzalez Fletcher (D-San Diego) and Ash Kalra (D-San Jose), with the principle co-author Senator Wiener, AB 291 would make the immigration or citizen status of any person irrelevant towards the issue of housing liability.

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2017 Multifamily Housing Legislative Changes

From new laws that will affect California’s tenant screening services to Seattle, Washington’s “first come, first served” renter law, 2017 has brought an onslaught of new multifamily housing legislation. Here are some passed and pending bills you should look out for this year.

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Unpacking the Meaning of a Trump Administration for Apartment Housing

Source: Unpacking the Meaning of a Trump Administration for Apartment Housing

Uncertainty dominated the commentary written by key real estate analysts trying to forecast how the apartment industry and economy overall will be affected by the election of Donald Trump as the next U.S. President.

Most industry groups, admittedly, said they were caught off guard by the result, and they, no doubt, will continue to analyze the situation between now and Inauguration Day.

While it is too soon to speculate what impacts the Trump Administration could have on the industry and the broader economy, following is a summary of thoughts and projections expressed during the week following the Nov. 8 election.

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Bills that Permit a Credit Freeze for Minors

Staying aware of recent legislation is important to protect your property and get the quality screening information you need. Within the past few months, various states have passed minor credit freeze bills. If your property is in California, Hawaii, Missouri, Nebraska, or Kansas, then these bills may affect you if signed into law.

Minor freeze bills move in several states:

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2016 Multifamily Housing Legislative Changes

With 2016 already here, new legislation has accompanied the New Year. Keep up to date with the new changes taking effect in California, and some potential legislation from across the nation that could impact your state in the New Year.


New Protected Classes (SB 600)

This legislation adds citizenship, primary language, and immigration status to the list of protected classes from discrimination. However, this bill does not require the provision of services or documents to be in any other language than English.

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