2017 Multifamily Housing Legislative Changes

From new laws that will affect California’s tenant screening services to Seattle, Washington’s “first come, first served” renter law, 2017 has brought an onslaught of new multifamily housing legislation. Here are some passed and pending bills you should look out for this year.

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Networking Tips for Property Managers

The multifamily housing industry is tiny! Sure, there are tens of thousands of people working in this industry to serve around 35 million renters, but there’s a ‘small town’ vibe you get when multifamily becomes your career focus. If multifamily housing is a business you enjoy and plan to remain a part of, then understanding how close-knit this industry can be will work to your benefit in the long run.

Regardless of where you move around in the country, there is bound to be some kind of apartment association and nearby competing properties you will work with. Quite often these groups will be part of something bigger, and herein lays the potential and necessity for you to make yourself known. Networking is a fundamental tool for many businesses, but multifamily housing is especially a people-first industry. For extroverted professionals this can be a natural part of the job, but for so many introverted people it can be a daunting notion on where to even begin. Fortunately for you this article was written to offer fundamental advice on how to get yourself known across the industry in the best ways possible!

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360 Sq. Ft. Might be the Next Big Thing for Multifamily Housing

When it comes to architecture trends, micro-apartments are all the rage. It’s hard not to be impressed when you see a 420-square-foot apartment transform into 6 functional rooms, accommodate 12 person dinner parties, and house 2 overnight guests. The question is, will it affect the multi-family industry? With New York’s city council approving the development of their first micro-apartments (against the 400-square-foot apartment minimum) in an attempt to experiment with affordable housing options, it’s safe to say it soon will be. That being said, no one will start renting out micro-apartments until some necessary changes are made.

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How to Handle Difficult Residents

There’s a difference between problem residents and resident problems. Apartment community staff members should know the difference and be able to respond accordingly.

Apartment community management is one of the most people-intensive jobs in the marketplace. The personal nature of the service — providing customers with a place to call home — can lead to some very strong opinions and expectations that may not necessarily always be met.

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Selecting a Reliable Commercial Vendor – Doing Your Due Diligence

When selecting a commercial vendor, it is important to feel confident that you are entering into a contract with a trustworthy company.  As the nation’s leading provider of data solutions to the multifamily housing industry, CIC is committed to helping clients vet companies before entering into business agreements.

Evaluating business credit data is an essential part of the vendor selection process. This allows you to analyze any financial risks before entering into a contractual agreement and hiring outside services. Conducting research before agreeing to work with a new vendor can save you a lot of heartache and money in the back-end, by avoiding contractor fraud, poor workmanship, or a vendor on the brink of bankruptcy.

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