How to Collect Rent and Fees Completely Online

It’s undeniable that the advancement of technology within the past 5 years has not only significantly changed the multifamily industry, but will continue to shape resident acquisition and communication practices for years to come. Even the National Apartment Association can’t deny that the housing/technology opportunities are there. While some property management companies and independent rental owners continue to do offline, in-person rent and fee collections only, you might want to look into going online to keep your communities competitive.

Property Managers
collecting rental payments online

Mutual Benefits to Collecting Rents Online

Today, we live in the fast-paced world of changing technology.  For most renters, the only check they write each month is to pay their rent. Property managers can entice renters to their properties by leveraging cutting-edge technology to automate the payment process for renters each month, while at the same time simplifying daily office operations. It’s a mutual win-win.

Forgetting to make a payment or mail a check becomes a thing of the past and renters do not always need access to a computer to utilize these types of services. With built-in convenience functions, accepting payments online can allow property managers to know if a payment was made or not. In the event that a payment was not made, an electronic notification can be sent to the renters and they can make alternative arrangements to pay.

Property Managers