Boost Resident Happiness Levels with Memorial Day Events

With Memorial Day and Summer up ahead, you might want to start strategizing resident events and outdoor maintenance for your property. As leasing season gets closer utilize this valuable prep time to ensure the exterior of your community is maintained and safe, and consider hosting a few resident events to not only attract applicants to your property but keep the residents you have.

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Build Your Renter Relationships with Community Giving

donationDaylight Savings Time is Sunday, 11/6. Use our Handy Checklist to Keep your Community on Time!

As the tree leaves fall and the months get colder, take advantage of the slower work pace by encouraging your community to give back. With a few easy community events, you’ll be able to boost the holiday spirit on your property and build the relationships you have with your residents.

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Support Your Working Residents this Labor Day

Labor Day is a long-standing holiday that celebrates the working people in our country. According to the Department of Labor, historically, picnics and parades were arranged by independent unions to support labor issues until the central labor union in New York (a coalition of independent unions) proclaimed that September 5th was the official worker’s holiday. Although in recent times, the day has been whittled down to be discounts, sales, and a much needed 3-day weekend, it’s a good opportunity to support the workers in your community and entice new applicants.

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How to Have a Successful Resident Event

Resident events are a good way to attract families to your community, but it’s not easy to pull off a successful event. After one or two failed events many get discouraged and avoid holding resident events all together. Don’t give in. By avoiding resident events, you miss an amazing opportunity to foster a deeper community, better understand who to market your vacancies to, and get an edge on your competition. By developing an event that fits your community’s interests, relying on your team and community, and covering the basics of internal advertising, you’ll reap the benefits of a successful resident event in no time.

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Go Green to Attract Rental Applicants

With Earth Day around the corner (Friday to be exact), why not showcase your support for the environment with your community? With resident events, eco-friendly community amenities and educational handouts, you’ll not only please your current residents, but attract applicants who are a little greener.

Profit from Green Resident Events

As it’s starting to warm up, utilize the good weather and outdoor spaces in your community to throw a few eco-friendly events. Encourage your residents to get into the Spring-spirit by throwing a contest to see who has the best decorated balcony. To enter, they can simply post up their pictures on your Facebook page. This will not only get your community involved with you and each other, but it will generate great curb appeal both in-person and online.

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How to Create a Pet Friendly Environment

With an upward trend of available renters choosing their pet’s needs over their own, you might want to consider making your property a little more pet friendly. The data supported by the Foundation for Interdisciplinary Research and Education Promoting Animal Welfare shows that only one-half of housing is pet-friendly, which makes this a great opportunity to get ahead of the competition.

According to the American Veterinary Medical Foundation, in 2012 there were 43 million households that owned dogs and 36 million households that owned cats, with indicators that the pet-loving trend is going up. The Los Angeles Times reported that a survey in August 2014 showed that more than 70% of apartment renters stated they owned pets. Even the City of Los Angeles stated on February 2, 2016 that they’ll start creating legislation aimed at making it easier for renters to have housing that accepts their pets.

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holiday events for renters

Simple Holiday Events to Plan for Your Residents

A few months ago we talked about some event ideas to help you create a relationship with your residents, but why stop there? With these few tips you can further your relationship with your residents while simultaneously spreading some holiday cheer, and it’ll barely cost you a thing.

Easy Gift Wrapping Party

There’s nothing harder than trying to figure out what to buy a loved one or friend for Christmas. On top of making a list, checking it twice, and running around to find out which stores have the best deals, wrapping gifts is the last thing on your tired resident’s minds. Ease residents with sneaky children by inviting them to pull on their favorite Holiday sweater and wrap peacefully in your common area.

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