How to Pick the Best Resident Screening Service for your Property

Finding the best resident screening service for your rental community is no easy feat. Beyond the credit report and background check, it can be difficult discerning if a screening company is doing all that they can to protect you and your property. To ensure you get the best resident screening service possible, make sure the company you pick has these 4 vital things.

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multifamily stress reduction

Change Property Stress into Property Productivity

It’s almost February and you’re already feeling the pressure of future projects. Your New Year resolutions of avoiding desk clutter and keeping your email inbox organized are only partially fulfilled. And, to top it all off, you have a deadline that’s keeping you on your toes. Before you reach for that stress ball, take a moment to channel that pre-Spring stress into some well-needed productivity.

A little deadline anxiety is okay. While it might seem counterproductive, the research of Robert Yerkes and John Dodson actually shows that efficiency increases when stress increases. However, according to Harvard Business Review, there’s a fine line between healthy stress and unhealthy stress.

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